4 Benefits from Dental Crowns

A damaged tooth may require intervention from your dental professional with a crown. Dental crowns feature ceramic caps that fit over a vulnerable tooth and shield it from stimuli and external threats.

This procedure is common in dentistry and offers many advantages to enhancing the appearance and structure of a patient’s smile. Dr. Christopher Rebol, a dentist practicing in Asheville, NC, outlines four oral health benefits you will notice with restorative treatment from dental crowns.

dental crown benefits Asheville North Carolina

Replace Weakened Enamel

Enamel is the outer layer of a tooth. Over time, enamel can erode due to harsh brushing habits, poor oral hygiene, or aging. Once enamel is gone, it cannot regrow.

Thinned enamel exposes underlying dentin, which can cause painful tooth sensitivity. A dental crown will cover weakened enamel and shield dentin from being stimulated, alleviating sensitivity pain.

Amend Tooth Breakage

Though teeth are durable enough to withstand wear and tear daily, accidents can occur that leave them chipped, cracked, or fractured. Minor issues can be amended with cosmetic dental solutions, but severe cases will require a dental crown to treat.

The crown can cover this damage and restore the function and appearance of the tooth. This reduces the vulnerability of the tooth to infections or other concerns that can stem from tooth breakage.

Whiten Stained Teeth

Tooth discoloration may occur for a number of reasons, and dentists offer many ways to brighten your smile if you notice stains on your teeth. Stains that do not respond to whitening treatment can be covered with a dental crown.

The crown is custom-made to suit the unique size, color, and shape of your teeth as well as your aesthetic goals. With this approach, you can be sure you will achieve a beautiful and natural-looking appearance.

Cover Tooth After Dental Work

Dental crowns offer highly effective restorative treatment on their own. However, they can play important roles in other dental procedures. For instance, crowns can serve as prosthetic teeth atop a dental implant. They may also protect a tooth after completing root canal therapy.

Dental Crowns and More Available from Your Dentist in Asheville, NC.

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