Bleeding Gums Treatment Asheville, NC

Bleeding gums, also known as gingivitis, is the first sign of gum disease. Gum disease, or periodontitis, occurs when the gums are irritated and inflamed due to bacteria buildup. This bacteria will begin to eat away at your soft tissues and causes gum recession and even tooth loss.

Dr. Christopher Rebol is an Asheville, NC dentist helping to prevent issues like bleeding gums from developing into gum disease. He works with patients one-on-one to find the best solution to their dental problems. Learn more about how we treat dental problems like bleeding gums below:

Treat bleeding gums in Asheville, North Carolina

Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

The best way to prevent gum disease from progressing is to schedule regular checkup visits in our Asheville dental office. We recommend scheduling regular dental checkup visits at least once every six months. During these biannual appointments, we will evaluate your smile for signs of gum disease and clean your teeth and gums.

Our dental hygienists remove plaque and tartar during dental cleanings, which are the main causes of tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque and tartar are created when bacteria and food particles are left between and on the tooth enamel. The buildup of bacteria eats away at the gums and causes symptoms such as gum irritation and recession.

Please let our office know if you have bleeding, irritated, or red gums. Dental cleanings can address gingivitis. We may recommend deep cleaning or scaling and root planing if you have more serious symptoms such as gum recession, toothaches, or lost teeth. These periodontal disease treatments are used in tandem to protect your teeth against additional bone loss.

The Stages of Gum Disease


This is the only stage of periodontal disease that can be reversed. Many adults suffer from gum disease and may not even realize they have it with gingivitis. The symptoms are usually painless. Typically, the only visible sign is bleeding gums. If you’re noticing bleeding gums, see us right away. Gingivitis can be reversed with better oral health habits and antibacterial rinses if caught early enough.

Mild Periodontal Disease

At this stage, gum disease can no longer be reversed but can be managed. The infection spreads to the bone and starts eating away. Aggressive bacteria contribute to bone loss and other oral health problems. Scaling and root planing are used to manage this stage of periodontal disease. Deep gum pockets form and fill with debris and bacteria. We clean these out and smooth down the tooth roots so that the gum tissue can reattach to the bone.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

The third stage finds the bacteria becoming more aggressive and causing more problems. Not only are the bacteria attacking the bones, but they’re in your bloodstream. The infection and inflammation from the bacteria impact areas of your body aside from the mouth. Like mild periodontal disease, we manage moderate gum disease with scaling and root planing.

Severe Periodontal Disease

At this stage, it fully evolves into disease-causing bacteria. Your gums are bleeding and oozing pus, teeth start to come loose and can fall out, and chewing is painful. If you continue to put off treatment, you’ll experience severe health problems. Only gum surgery or laser gum therapy can help this stage of the disease.

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If you have any remaining questions about treatment for bleeding gums or gingivitis, let our dentists know at your next consultation. They will be happy to assist you.