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At Rebol Family Dentistry, we help our patients address a wide variety of dental concerns including extensive tooth loss. If you are missing a full arch of teeth, you do not have to suffer from a life without a functional smile. Our doctors can provide custom dentures and partials to replace a full arch of teeth. Patients love our dentures and partials because we take the time to ensure a proper fit for optimal functionality. Learn more about dentures and partials below.

Restorative Dentist in Asheville, NC

Dentures and Partials in Asheville, NC

Dr. Rebol and Dr. Sparks are your experienced Asheville, NC restorative dentists. They provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients who are facing tooth loss. With our custom-made dentures and partials, our doctors can replace a full arch of teeth. With dentures and partials, patients who are missing a full mouth of teeth can experience life again with a restored smile.

We create our dentures and partials based on digital impressions of your own soft tissues. This ensures that your finished set of prosthetic teeth will compliment your facial structure just as your natural teeth once did. When you receive your dentures, our doctors will go over their maintenance requirements so that you are fully informed on how to care for your new teeth. This includes how to properly clean your set of teeth using denture cleaning products. It’s important to know that traditional toothpaste is too harsh for your dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

A common complaint with denture-wearers is denture slippage. This occurs when the set of prosthetic teeth moves around in your mouth while in use. To help manage denture slippage, we recommend implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures utilize the strength of dental implants to supply additional support to your dentures while in use.

A few dental implants can anchor your dentures to your smile more effectively. Talk to your dentist if you are interested in learning more about how dental implants can improve the functionality of your dentures.

Dental implants come with a host of benefits. When implants secure your dentures, they stop the bone in that area from deteriorating. Typically, dentures need to be adjusted or replaced with time. Traditional dentures don’t stop the jawbone from degenerating. The fit continues to change over time because your mouth continues to change. Implant-supported dentures don’t have this problem.

Implant-supported dentures give you back more of your bite capacity as well. Traditional dentures rely on suction and adhesive to stay in the mouth. Certain foods are difficult to eat with these dentures and can shift and move them. Implant dentures aren’t removable and stay in your mouth by design. Since implants fuse with your jawbone, the dentures aren’t going to shift or budge when you bite into hard foods.

Lastly, implant dentures don’t need as much maintenance as removable ones. You simply brush and floss them like you would your normal teeth. Traditional dentures require you to take them out every night to clean them. Special brushes need to be used and you have to make sure you’re properly cleaning off the denture adhesive. You don’t have to worry about all these extra steps with implant dentures.

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