Custom Mouthguard Asheville, NC

At Rebol Family Dentistry, we strive to help our patients address any and all dental concerns under one roof. This means that we can also help patients who have unique tooth protection needs. Tooth protection is a proactive step that can prevent the need for costly restorative care due to dental damages later on. The best way to protect your teeth while participating in close-contact sports is with a custom mouthguard. Custom mouthguards are designed specifically for your smile and will comfortable and securely protect your teeth when you need them to the most. Learn more about custom mouthguard below.

Custom Mouthguards in Asheville, North Carolina

Custom Mouthguards in Asheville, NC

Dr. Rebol and Dr. Sparks are experienced general dentists in Asheville, NC. They are happy to provide custom mouthguards to interested patients. Custom mouthguards are an affordable, proactive solution to maintaining the longevity of your smile. Patients who participate in sports like soccer, cheerleading, football, gymnastics, or any other high-contact activities can greatly benefit from utilizing a mouthguard. In fact, many of these sports require the use of a mouthguard to even begin participating.

When you engage in high-contact sports, you are increasing your risks for enduring dental damages. One wrong move and you may have an unintended dental emergency on your hands. Custom mouthguards are created to protect your teeth and soft tissues while in use. They are also easily removed and cleaned at any time. More effective than over-the-counter options, custom mouthguards are designed specifically for you to prevent unwanted slippage or discomfort. If you are in need of a custom mouthguard or would simply like to have one on hand just in case, contact our office for more information.

Oral Appliance Therapy Options for TMJ Disorders

Patients who experience jaw pain from TMJ disorders may benefit from using a custom nightguard, or a mouthguard that is worn at night. This is known as oral appliance therapy and can help hold your jawbone in a healthy resting position as you sleep. This means that you will wake up with a fully-rested jawbone and relaxed facial muscles for less jaw pain and tension headaches throughout the day. Talk to your dentist if you experience any TMJ related symptoms to find out if you are a candidate for oral appliance therapy.