Smile More for Improved Health

You likely associate smiling with the feeling of happiness. It often happens as an involuntary facial expression when you feel elation. But the inverse is also true: the act of smiling can encourage happy sensations.

The resulting happiness after smiling will lead to many types of wellness benefits for your mental and physical well-being. But if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, you may hide your smile. Then you can miss out on these health advantages.

Cosmetic dentistry can amend aesthetic concerns in your smile and therefore eliminate barriers to these health benefits. Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to learn how your dentist can help you smile more often. And read on to learn more about the effect of the act of smiling upon your overall wellness.

Smile More for Improved Health

How Does Smiling Impact My Well-Being?

Smiling involves flexing and stretching muscles at the edge of the mouth to lift the lips upward along with contracting muscles near the outer corners of the eyes. The combination of muscle movements triggers the release of specific neurotransmitters, chemicals that impact cells in different ways.

These neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins) can all influence your mood in a positive way. They may even relieve pain and reduce overall stress, resulting in physical health improvement. These enhancements can result in a better outlook on life along with several medical benefits, according to dentists and other health professionals.

In order to receive these wellness benefits, you must smile more often. If you hesitate to smile due to self-consciousness about aesthetic flaws in your teeth, you might miss out on these advantages.

Can My Dentist Enhance the Appearance of My Smile?

Want to improve the look of your smile? Schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist to find the optimal treatment to enhance your smile’s appearance. Your dentist will evaluate your unique dental structure and medical history in line with your desired results to determine a personalized dental treatment plan.

This custom approach to cosmetic dentistry ensures you can achieve a gorgeous yet natural-looking finish in your smile in an efficient and effective way. For instance, if you have dental discoloration, your dentist might use professional teeth whitening to lift and remove stains on your smile.

But not all dental stains respond to the bleaching agents in this treatment. Your dentist might need to use porcelain veneers instead to cover stubborn stains with custom-made shells over the teeth. These fixtures can also make teeth appear straighter and more even in shape.

A dentist can also use tooth bonding, a composite resin treatment, to amend minor cosmetic dental concerns, including tooth breakage. You could also benefit from Invisalign if you want to straighten crooked teeth.

Learn which treatment will suit your specific goals by calling your dentist in Asheville, NC today at 828.247.7222. Scheduling an appointment is the first step in getting the smile of your dreams and leading a healthier, happier life.