What Makes Veneers Look Natural?

You can achieve your smile aesthetic goals with porcelain veneers from your dentist. These cap-like shells adhere to the front of your teeth to construct a brighter and straighter smile according to your preferences.

Some people worry that introducing these fixtures to your smile will appear false or jarring. But your dentist prioritizes an authentic appearance when it comes to smile design.

You can look forward to smile enhancement with confidence in your results. Your dentist can explain what you can expect from this treatment when you schedule a dental consultation. But you may also read on to discover how your dentist ensures that your new porcelain veneers will look both beautiful and natural in your smile.

What Makes Veneers Look Natural

Optimal Porcelain Material for Your Veneers

Dentists build veneers from porcelain. The durable material allows you to retain oral function without worrying about breaking your veneers when eating or speaking. But dentists also choose to make veneers with porcelain because it creates a stunning finish that looks natural as well.

Porcelain mimics the glossy appearance of natural teeth. You do not have to stress about the fixtures looking jarringly matte in your smile. Plus, the color of porcelain will match the color of your natural smile to look pearly white and beautiful.

Porcelain resists staining as well so that you can look forward to the gorgeous appearance of veneers enduring for as long as possible, even when you consume staining agents like coffee or red wine. Ask your dentist for more details about the benefits of using porcelain in veneer treatment.

Personalized Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dentist uses an individualized approach when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. This means that the dentist will develop a treatment plan to accomplish your smile aesthetic goals based on your unique dental needs.

First, you will meet with your dentist for a consultation. They will evaluate your existing dental structure and your medical history. Then, they can consider these unique factors in order to find the best way to give you the smile of your dreams.

The dentist will recommend porcelain veneers if they feel certain that this is the best way to accomplish your aesthetic goals. When they make custom veneers for you, they will build the fixtures to suit your unique smile. They consider the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth to ensure the veneers look great in your smile.

The dentist will also check your bite before you leave their office after you receive the veneers. This way, they can ensure that your new fixtures will not interfere with your ability to chew or speak. If you notice that the veneers feel loose or crooked at home, let your dentist know so that they can amend the issue before you sustain damage to your veneers.

Begin your smile enhancement journey by scheduling your cosmetic dental consultation today. Give your dentist a call to learn if you can achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile with porcelain veneers.